Friday, December 30, 2011

The Tractor Shed

Over the past couple of months a tractor shed has appeared on the landing. The tractor exactly fits in it's new home; 16 x 6 permit required because there is less than 120 square feet. It is entirely waterproof, with the new carbon plastic on the sides that is resistant to sunlight damage. Because there is so much light inside, it feels larger inside than it really is......
The main reason for the shed is to protect the tractor from the extremes in temperature; to keep the rain and snow away and to shelter the hydraulic hoses from the UV Light because they will deteriorate quickly in the sun. Now the barn I am building can be used for other more fun purposes!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's been a long time......

I haven't added a post in 10 months.......a combination of circumstances has kept me from the Blog, but, now I am back! The last picture showed the beginnings of a french water drain, and this picture shows the completed barn slab that will be the foundation. All this winter this freshly poured cement will be able to cure in the outdoor weather and rain, and become ready for the building that will begin to grow in August of 2012. After the earth was leveled, we set the forms and ordered 8 yards of concrete. The delivery company had to come out and do a site check to make sure they could actually get their truck in and out of the designated spot. Under Matt's direction, all went according to plan, and a major first phase of this project was completed. Now we are focusing on the the next steps to make the building rise up into the sky.......and with any luck, that will be happening this summer. Thanks for tuning into the stroy of Noel's Apple Farm.......more to come!