Sunday, June 24, 2012


I had the good fortune to attend Myra's graduation from Leslie University in Cambridge on May 19, 2012. It was a beautiful warm day and the graduation took place right along side Boston Harbor. There were about 2200 hundred graduates! Clearly this is a quite well utilized institution of higher learning. Because Olga was with Maggie and Roman, I found myself @ the graduation by myself. I was so happy for Myra knowing just how hard she has worked over the past couple of years to complete her Master's in education. The night before the graduation we celebrated the event by going out for dinner in Davis Square at a restaurant named the "Elephant Walk". There were many vegetarian and vegan options. Myra's cousin Elizebeth and her intended Michael joined us along with her two current room mates Jillian and Saddie, and a former room mate and good friend Orinda. We had a great time toasting Myra and recounting her accomplishments. The next day we set out for Burlington Vermont, about a five hour drive from Boston. WE spent a couple of days exploring the unique college town, and trying fun restaurants that Myra found on line. We had a great time and as we returned to Boston our thoughts traveled to the future and the question about whether Myra will be able to find employment as a teacher in this history rich Boston area? My guess is that when prospective schools see Myra's background and begin to catch a glimpse of the dedicated and skilled teacher she is along with her loving and energetic disposition, she will be selected by some area that values the kind of human being that Myra is. All I can say is that it has been a great year!


So little Roman Charles has been a part of our lives since May 15th, 2012. He comes into this world blessed with good health and a great family. He has a mother who loves and cares for him and a dad that enjoys and appreciates his son's presence. As Roman is our first grandchild of course we fully expect to spoil him crazy. More than anything it is just simply fun to have new life energy around the home. Who knows what destiny this little guy has in store in his future? I hope he is able to live a rich and full life, and that he makes a contribution whereby the world is a better place because of his coming.