Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Kubota is here.....At last!

With a BX25 Kubota as part of the farm equipment @ Bell Springs, the new season begins. The work that I have been doing by hand over the past 35 years has been a pleasure, however, the time has come to ratchet things up a bit. My new friend, Mr BX 25, will help me to accomplish things and avoid tendinitis in my arms, which incidentally, didn't used to happen to me! I am ready to become an apple producer, and in order to make this goal come true, I need some serious help. So, here we are. And, I'll add, I love driving this thing. I can move a quarter of a yard of compost right up to the orchard gate, and make quick work of an activity that might have taken a couple of hours, pushing the wheel barrel up hill. Ultimately, my hope is to be able to have more apples available for harvest and eating. Yummy!